Bleach Spot Repairs London

Looking for bleach spot repairs London? Loathsome spots can occur from various household items. While bleach is the most typical offender, toilet bowl cleaners, acne medicine, pesticides and would, you believe it even carpet stain removers, can all induce carpet discolouration. Carpet dyeing is the solitary method of fixing these problems, without replacing or patching your carpet.

Perfectly Restore Bleach Spots

Bleach spots are a widespread problem from household bleach or different chemicals being dropped on a carpet which ends in unsightly faded marks. These patches may appear as white, orange, or yellowish spots on your carpet. At Dye-Namic we can completely restore these spots, and we guarantee a flawless colour match, regardless of the colour of your carpet! It is also achievable to completely restore multi-coloured carpet and patterned carpets also!

Bleach Spot Repairs London and Throughout The United Kingdom

Bleach Spot Removal Services

Colour fading and bleach spot repairs on carpets and rugs can be frustrating. Traditionally, if you had a bleach spot on your carpet, you would either have to put up with it or place a rug on top of it, patch it or move an item of furniture over it. However, even with a patch, most of the time, the affected area would still stick out like a sore thumb.

Carpet Patches on Bleach Spots

So i think it’s safe to say that patching up a bleach spot on a carpet has it’s flaws. The reason the affected area would be prominent is that the patch wouldn’t have as much general wear and tear as the area that had the rest of the carpet.
Which makes total sense as in reality, it was after all a scrap piece of carpet that has never seen the light of day or been walked on before.

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Bleach Spots on Oriental Rugs

And as for those valuable Oriental and wool rugs, like the one, your Nan gave you. The rug with the colour faded by years on wear and sunlight. The lovely reds and blues are almost gone, and it seems ancient and washed out. In the past, carpet dyeing didn’t work particularly well. The colour didn’t invariably match, and if it were a bleach spot, most of the time the carpet dye wouldn’t even take.

Now there is a process to fix that. New technology in colour restoration makes it feasible. Dye-Namic can repair the bleach stains on your carpets, or even change the colour altogether. Nan’s old Oriental rug can now have the colour restored and look beautiful once again. Even the elaborate patterns, lines and other details.

So don’t have nan’s old rug folded up in the cupboard because it’s faded. Please bring it back to life with our help.

Carpet Dye Experts London And Nationwide

Watch Dye-Namic Remove a Bleach Spot.

The skilled Dye-Namic colour team are the UK’s premier carpet colour specialists and understands the complex techniques through which bleach spots are eliminated. The volume of time that the repair will take depends on the design or style of your carpet.

More significant marks are as you would expect a little more time-consuming and more challenging to repair as opposed to more modest spots. The job can take between half an hour or even up to 4-5 hours. Dye-Namic offers both residential, retail and commercial carpet bleach spot repair and restoration solutions, to find out more contact us right away.


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