So what is a carpet colour clean London? The humble carpet is an essential accessory for any household, office, retail store, hotel, commercial premises. As a result just about any habitual building across the globe has carpeting or rugs inside them. So good upkeep and maintenance of your rugs and carpets are critical to ensuring the air you breathe is fresh, and the conditions you are living or working in is a healthy one.

But here comes the game changer!

Colour Clean Service Information

A ColorClean® is a revolutionary carpet cleaning service that has been provided across the pond in the White House since 2002. However no longer do you have to look at our american cousins with envy as you too can benefit from a carpet colour clean London and Nationwide throughout the UK. Because it’s a premium carpet & rug cleaning process that’s devised to restore between 2% – 3% of the colour that disappears from each carpet every year from everyday use.

So in a nutshell, any carpet that’s a year old and above will benefit from a ColorClean®. Firstly because the one step process replaces colour at the same time as deep cleaning your carpets. Secondly and above all the ColorClean® is a premium carpet cleaning service that goes above and beyond standard cleaning services.


Why is Colour Clean a premium service?

Because there are only 18 colour clean technicians inside the entirety of the UK and Ireland that are capable of this specialist carpet colour restoration process. So during our cleaning process for wool silk and nylon flooring goods, this has multiple distinct benefits and as a result, makes Dye-Namic stand out head and shoulders above our run of the mill rivals.

Restore Colour to your Carpets

Wool silk and nylon carpets and rugs, succumb to between 2 and 4% of there natural colour each year. For instance colour loss in carpets and rugs could be accelerated by up to approximately 15 to 25% if they are cleaned in the wrong way. So the revolutionary Colour clean service carried out by Dye-Namic is considered an essential service for owners of expensive carpets because of the key role it provides by adding colour simultaneously during the clean.  As a result are we are also both recommended and approved by Sylka carpets.

  • Prolong the life of your carpets

  • 100% Client satisfaction

  • The UK’s leading colour experts

  • Dye-namic provides expert dyeing services to restore faded carpets and rugs to a pristine condition

  • Our services are fully guaranteed and eliminates the need for costly replacement



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 Whats a Colour Clean and how we can help?

At Dye-Namic, we are expertly placed to use advanced carpet colour cleaning equipment. A ColorClean® enables the colour of your carpets and rugs to remain as lush and vibrant as the first day they were laid. Preserving that sought after freshness and mint condition.

Because, over time, the colour of carpets can fade or get dirty due to stains, spills or any other manifestations. So it makes total sense to restore the colour when having them cleaned regularly. But only by using skilled professionals that guarantee not to leave any harmful residue behind can you preserve a flawless appearance. Dye-Namic’s specialist staff maintain your properties softness, lustre and brightness.

So the main advantage in keeping your carpet at its pinnacle can you guarantee long life and vibrancy of colour for you precious carpets & rugs.

Dye-Namic are Color Clean Certified

So whatever your trials and tribulations your carpet has been through, our color clean certified company can help. Because, as a family-owned and operated business, our personalised colour cleaning solution is something that not just anyone can provide. What’s more important is the 100% customer satisfaction that we guarantee.

Carpet Dye Experts London And Nationwide


How long will the colour last?
We guarantee that our dyes to be permanent for the life of the carpet.

Is it toxic/safe?
All dyes and solutions that we use are completely non-toxic and odour-free. So our process is entirely safe for you, your children, and your pets. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for your inspection.

Are the services provided on the site?
Carpet Dyeing services are undertaken on site because it is not necessary to remove your carpet. Persian & Oriental Rug cleaning & colour restorations are completed in our specially-equipped workshop.

How long does it take to dry?
Freshly-dyed carpet may be walked on immediately. Though the carpet or rug will be slightly damp, the dyes are immediate. Carpet will thoroughly dry in a few hours.

Is it cheaper to dye or replace?
It is much cheaper to have your carpet dyed than to replace it. This is because carpet dyeing will typically save you 65-75% when compared to the cost of new carpet replacement.

Should I have the carpet cleaned first?
It is not necessary to pre-clean the carpet. Because our process is a “one step” that will both clean & dye the carpet. We add gentle cleaning solutions to the dye mixture that will clean & dye your carpet.


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