Want more information on carpet side seam matching London? So landlord’s among us, Dye-Namic has the perfect solution to an age-old problem! If you have new tenant listed to move in tomorrow and the recently fitted carpet has a colour blend problem, and as a result, it doesn’t resemble the remainder of the carpet throughout the property? There is no longer a reason to panic. Because Dye-Namic is a click or calls away from easing your pain.

We’ll get to you or your property as fast as possible, and by using our custom dye system. Because we can blend the colours, so that your new tenant can move in, on time with no delay or fuss

Carpet Side Seam Dyeing

So when you choose you to dye the carpet, this saves you the bother of switching the carpet, buying its replacement, and pausing while waiting for a fitter to reinstall a carpet that matches the rest of the property. Carpet side seam matching London and nationwide provides the answer to your problems.

CARPET RESTORATION LONDON-Carpet Side Seam Matching London and throughout the United Kingdom

Carpet Colour Matching

It also avoids you the cost of extra labour installation and waste disposal charges. Lost income from having your property unoccupied would further add to your potential despair, and we find most would like to avoid this during any refurbishment. So also, let’s not forget the cost of a trip to the salon or for a bottle of just for men that may arise from grey that may result from the drama caused. Get in touch with Dye-Namic today, for carpet side seam matching London and further afield, and you can rest assured that carpet dyeing is not only helpful and but stress-free also!

Remove Pet Urine Stains

Pet or animal Urine can produce severe hardship on your carpets and rugs. Because urine goes on to carpets and rugs at warm temperatures and therefore it seeps fully and forcefully. At first, it has an acidic form, which over time transposes into an alkaline salt. Funnily enough, it is the alkalinity that causes the most damage. Because Alkalinity is particularly damaging to your carpet and over time it can drive discolouration. You may be aware of the smell or odours more in the springtime or on wet days for this reason. Because the alkaline salts consume the moisture, and it draws back up into the rug or carpet. So to avoid this the first task at hand is to eradicate the origin of the odour by thoroughly cleaning the carpet and then by renewing the pad you can then deal with the spot. As a result, Dye-Namic then turn to our trusty kit bag and our professional ColorCue application to enable us to custom match the colour of any dyeable carpet with no negative Result!

  • Permanent solutions

  • Prolong the life of your carpets

  • Non-toxic and organic dyes

  • 100% Client satisfaction

  • Custom shapes or borders

Carpet Colour Changes London & Throughout the United Kingdom


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Bleach Spot Repairs 100% 100%


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Stain Removal

The friendly team of Dye-Namic Technicians can remove troublesome stains such as turmeric, coffee, mustard or blood. Once we have removed the stain, the team apply a dye to restore the carpet to its starting colour. Because other companies may be reluctant to be too aggressive when removing these kinds of tough stains as it can frequently leave the space encompassing the stain lightened and they are unable to restore the colour then.

Because Dye-Namic is the United Kingdoms premier colour correction and carpet dyeing specialists,  we do not have this problem. We not only deal with the stain but the restoration of colour too.

Carpet Dye Experts London And Nationwide


How long will the colour last?
We guarantee that our dyes to be permanent for the life of the carpet.

Is it toxic/safe?
All dyes and solutions that we use are completely non-toxic and odour-free. Our process is entirely safe for you, your children, and your pets. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for your inspection.

Are the services provided on the site?
Carpet Dyeing services are undertaken on site. It is not necessary to remove your carpet. Persian & Oriental Rug cleaning & colour restorations are completed in our specially-equipped workshop.

How long does it take to dry?
Freshly-dyed carpet may be walked on immediately. Though the carpet or rug will be slightly damp, the dyes are immediate. Carpet will thoroughly dry in a few hours.

Is it cheaper to dye or replace?
It is much cheaper to have your carpet dyed than to replace it. Carpet dyeing will typically save you 65-75% when compared to the cost of new carpet replacement.

Should I have the carpet cleaned first?
It is not necessary to pre-clean the carpet. Our process is a “one step” that will both clean & dye the carpet. We add gentle cleaning solutions to the dye mixture that will clean & dye your carpet.


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