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Looking for expert Oriental & Persian rug repairs London? Homeowners all over London and throughout the United Kingdom take exceptional pride in their home’s interior décor, and nothing adds a touch of decadence to living rooms like an oriental or Persian rug or a carpet. So, unfortunately, this type of rug can deteriorate over time and due to day to day use, and as you, no doubt are aware they can be costly to replace. Nevertheless, it’s not always necessary to replace an entire oriental rug just due to some stains because you can reach our professionals for expert, trusted oriental rug restoration London and nationwide in the United Kingdom.


Here at Dye-Namic, we can restore just about any oriental rug to its former grandeur, guaranteeing to equal the carpet’s former colour while excluding any and all stains. Because we understand that you don’t fancy parting ways with your beautiful oriental rug unless it is unavoidable, which is why we give the best rated oriental rug restoration London and the United Kingdom has to offer.

Oriental rugs are commonly known as hand-knotted rugs. These days so many definitions are presented that we distinguish Oriental rugs from their point of origin to guarantee the highest degree of Oriental rug care is possible. So we are going to concentrate on the two most notable examples of Oriental rugs and their correct cleaning methods.

Persian Rug Repairs London

Chinese Oriental Rug Cleaning and Restoration

Chinese rug cleaning will vary depending on if the rug is made from silk or wool and also when the rug was made. Genuine Chinese wool rugs, identified as Tientsin, were made within 1920 and 1940. Older rugs are extremely rare, as global export of these items did not start until around this period in time.

Because the pile on this type of rug rugs is dense and the wool is delicate if the rug was produced before 1940s rotary scrubbing can induce pile distortion. In addition to this, after the rug has been cleaned the selvedge may brown demanding acetic acid to adjust it. As a result, this is more nuanced than conventional oriental rug cleaning.

Restore Colour to Sun Faded Carpets

It’s worth being aware that these rugs are also sensitive to fading from sunlight. So if this happens, we can correct it using our professional colour restoration systems and techno scientific Oriental rug care procedures.

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Indian Rug Cleaning and Restoration

Most Indian rugs that come through Dye-Namics Rug Spa tend to have been made post independence from the British Empire. As a consequence, most are imitations of rug varieties from around the globe.

Indian rugs demand a notable sum of variation when cleaning dependant on the type of pile, these fibres used, and looming techniques. The reproductions are customarily machine made, and this means that on occasions they don’t require fine oriental rug cleaning methods. As a result Oriental rug care cleaning fluctuates so this is an essential factor.

At Dye-Namic we take our Oriental rug care services thoughtfully. Because we have more than 50 years of rug cleaning and carpet cleaning expertise, we have been endorsed by experts all over the planet. This indicates a higher quality service for you and your elegant rugs. So whether it is an inexpensive machine-made rug or a handcrafted masterpiece, at Dye-Namics rug spa, we are completely outfitted to provide you with the absolute best rug cleaning and Oriental rug care imaginable. So for Indian, Oriental and Persian rug repairs London or Nationwide get in touch today!

Carpet Dye Experts London And Nationwide


How long will the colour last?
We guarantee that our dyes to be permanent for the life of the carpet.

Is it toxic/safe?
All dyes and solutions that we use are completely non-toxic and odour-free. Our process is entirely safe for you, your children, and your pets. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for your inspection.

Are the services provided on the site?
Carpet Dyeing services are undertaken on site. It is not necessary to remove your carpet. Persian & Oriental Rug cleaning & colour restorations are completed in our specially-equipped workshop.

How long does it take to dry?
Freshly-dyed carpet may be walked on immediately. Though the carpet or rug will be slightly damp, the dyes are immediate. Carpet will thoroughly dry in a few hours.

Is it cheaper to dye or replace?
It is much cheaper to have your carpet dyed than to replace it. Carpet dyeing will typically save you 65-75% when compared to the cost of new carpet replacement.

Should I have the carpet cleaned first?
It is not necessary to pre-clean the carpet. Because our process is a “one step” that will both clean & dye the carpet. We add gentle cleaning solutions to the dye mixture that will clean & dye your carpet.


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