All homeowners in the beautiful area of London take great pride in their home’s interior décor. Because nothing spruces up the living room like a rug or a carpet. However, unfortunately, such furnishings can degrade with time and use. They can also be expensive to replace. However, there’s no need to replace an entire carpet or rug just because of a few stains. Not, when you can contact our professionals for expert, trusted carpet restoration in London.

Here at Dye-Namic, we can restore just about any carpet or rug to its former glory. Also guaranteeing to match the carpet’s previous colour while eliminating any and all stains.


Because we know that you don’t want to part ways with your quality carpet unless absolutely necessary, which is why we offer the top rated carpet restoration London has to offer. So keep reading below to find out what we can do for you.

Contact an Expert for Rug Restoration in London.

If you don’t want to part ways with your rug or carpet despite the visible damages. You can call our professionals and enquire about quality, trusted and local rug restoration in London.

Here are a few of our specialities:

Bleach Spot Repairs

This is a very common problem from household bleach or other chemicals being spilled on carpet which results in unsightly faded spots. These areas may appear as white, orange, or yellow spots on your carpet. Dye-Namic is able to perfectly restore these spots. We guarantee a perfect colour match, regardless of your carpet colour! Multicoloured carpet and patterned carpets may also be fully restored!

Colour Restoration

Certain cleaning chemicals, as well as the sun’s UV rays, can cause carpets and rugs to fade over time. But we can make them look as good as new. Carpets that have faded from sun light or chemical exposure may be restored back to their original colour. We achieve this through the expert colour restoration services of Dye-Namic. Dyes are guaranteed permanent and colour-fast. Freshly-dyed carpet may be walked on immediately. Our process is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Colour Change

Dye-Namic can change the colour of your carpet to a beautiful new colour. So say good-bye to ugly, outdated, and impractical colours! Because our colour technicians are able to create custom colours for achieving a beautiful new decor. We also guarantee our dyes to be permanent. Just get on with your day to day routine, you are only several hours away from completely changing your home and its rooms!

Design Dye

Even though we offer the best, expert rug restoration in London, we can also modify rugs by adding design elements such as borders and shapes.

Dye-Namic’s carpet colour technicians can also add coloured borders, coloured shapes, and other colourful designs to your carpets and rugs. We can also add coloured runners to stairs, hallways, and other high-traffic areas. Creating a vibrant, practical, easy-to-maintain look.

Persian & Oriental Rug Restoration

This is our specialty! Because Dye-Namic are one of only a few companies around the world that can perform intricately detailed colour restorations on Persian & Oriental Rugs. Persian Rugs also tend to be very susceptible to damages from sun fading. But Dye-Namic is able to fully correct this condition. We utilise custom airbrush equipment specifically developed by Colorful Carpets, for this fascinating art.

Stain Removal

Some people think that a rug needs replacing after a wine or chemical spill, but that’s not always the case. Because we can remove stains to make your carpet look as good as new. Stubborn stains such as pet stains and coffee stains can be successfully removed by Dye-Namic. We approach these types of problems as colour issues, not simply as stains. So our colour expertise will ensure that unsightly stains and discolourations are gone for good.


Dye-Namic are not just a Top Rated Rug Restoration Pimlico Company

Are you looking for a local family run business with good ethics and nationwide coverage? Then call a trusted expert carpet restoration service in London. All areas are covered nationwide, you’ve come to the right place because we’re the top rated carpet specialists around.

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